elcome to Gobannos!

My name is Andrew Helme and I've been making Celtic style jewellery with mainly copper and bronze wires for about 8 years. My background is earth based including my beliefs, my career and my hobbies. I studied horticulture some years ago and plants still play a big part in my every day. Side stepping into minerals and crystals wasn't a big leap as they are the main component of soil. I currently live in Northumberland with my partner (Edwin Courtenay) and take inspiration for my work from the history, mythology and landscape of the area and to that end I named my jewellery range Gobannos. He was a Celtic smith and warrior God from the Tuatha De Danann tribe (Fairy Folk) of Ireland and also worshipped by the Gauls. There are also references to him in excavations, towns and writings around Hadrians Wall here in Northumberland.

Gobannos jewellery is more than just baubles and trinkets to adorn oneself with - they are talismans and amulets for the modern day spiritual warrior, priestess and magician. Each piece I make is completely unique and handcrafted by me using my homemade jigs and tools to achieve the desired style I want. I use no glue in the making of these treasures as all the pieces are held together by the tensile strength of the wire and my handcrafting technique which I have developed over the years. I'm constantly updating my range and look so as to bring something new to the world. As I write this I have 6 ranges each of which can be accessed from the menu above by crystal. They are Necklaces, Pendants, Ostara, Fafnir, Brisingamen & Bones Of the Sidhe.

These are wrapped pendants attached to a hand made chain. The chain usually contains crystals that either match the pendant or is sympathetic to it in colour or style. All the links are handmade from bronze and copper wire and can include love knots, bones, spirals, focus beads, crystals and other metal alloy adornments. The chains have a large hook and eye clasp for ease of use. I also have a spiral bail which allows the wearer to remove a particular crystal and change it for another.

Pendants are the same style as used on the necklaces but come on a 2mm black or brown adjustable cotton cord.

Ostara is my earring range (Easter - hare - ears!). Not quite as Celtic in style as my pendants or necklaces but uses the same adornments to compliment any necklace or pendant or just wearing them by themselves.

This is my Nordic range. The wrapping around the crystal and the wire used in the necklace is textured and flattened slightly giving a more chunky feel. Also, each pendant has either the word Healing or Protection stamped into the wrapping in the Elder Futhark runic script.

Based on the legend of Freya and the Dwarves this is a 4 stranded necklace of different lengths adorned with shiny beads, links and sparkles!

Bones Of The Sidhe
The Bones of the Sidhe (pronounced Shee) are 4, 5 or 7 stranded bracelets made from the bones of faries - or smaller versions of links, beads and adornments as used in my necklaces!

If there is something you would like but can't see it here please contact me on the email at the bottom of the menu but also please check out my stockists as all their stock is unique and there might be one near you. Blessings. Andrew X