This labradorite pendant is wrapped in a sturdy textured and twisted 5 ribbon weave. The chain has copper and faceted labradorite breads.
Length: 73 cm
Metal: Bronze & Copper
Price: £70
Code: gob4285

Properties Of Labradorite
Named after St. Paul Island, Labrador, where it was first identified in 1770, labradorite has a play of colour (schiller) when the stone is moved in light. This stone is the plagioclase feldspar and in the same family as albite. Labradorite has been found in some meteorites.
Labradorite seems to have the strongest effect on the 5th, 6th & 7th chakras and is excellent for those who overwork or facing a period of sustained work as it stimulates physical activity.
Labradorite lifts the consciousness and can establish a connection with the universal energies.
Good For

Hold in the right hand and focus clearly on your desire.

Improving Concentration:
Hold in right hand and bring attention to the solar plexus